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どうコンテンポラリー・ダンスがバレエに役立つか?How does studying contemporary dance improve your ballet?

2015/11/21 at 22:42PM by Helen





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    バレエ・ピアニスト Ballet Pianist

    2015/02/12 at 09:48AM by Helen

    (Scroll down for English)








    Nina's CDs




    When did a pianist first play for ballet class?
    400 years ago dance teachers were expected to be able to play the violin and so provide the music for their students themselves.

    This painting by Degas of ballet class at the Paris Opera (about 150 years ago) is intriguing. A violinist is playing for class but he is sitting on a piano stool…so there must have been a pianist for class or rehearsals sometimes.

    We are a going a through a change now from piano to recorded music. CD players, especially ones that can adjust the speed of the music, have made it easier for teachers to use recorded music and there is wonderful selection of CDs available in the stores.
    However, having occasional chances to dance to live music is invaluable for students! The musician and the students communicate with each other in a way that cannot happen with recorded music.

    Pianist: Tomoko Inaba (10th Yokohama Ballet Intensive)

    Nina Pinazarrone will be teaching the Ballet Pianist Course and playing for ballet classes at the 13th Yokohama Ballet Intensive. I have know Nina Pinzarrone for 40 years! Her music inspired me as a student at the National Ballet School and continues to inspire me now when I use her CDs to teach my students!

    Nina Pinzarrone

    Nina's CDs

    Trevor McLain (Pianist Course instructor, 6th, 7th, and 10th Yokohama Ballet Intensives) says:
    "Nina has been an inspiration ever since I started work at NBS in 1976.  A fast friend, she has given me many years of great advice about dance pianism and equally sound advice on how to be an all-round good guy.  She and her music (her huge output of 20 tapes and seven CDs) are still an inspiration."

    Trevor McLain's Pianist Course (10th Yokohama Ballet Intensive)


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    阿部梓穂/第13回横浜バレエ・インテンシヴ・パーカッショニスト Shiho Abe, percussionist

    2014/12/05 at 09:12AM by Helen


    Shiho Abe will be playing for Peggy Baker's contemporary classes at the 13th Yokohama Ballet Intensive. See how her inspired percussion gave the 12th Yokohama Ballet Intensive students energy!




    Abe Shiho official website

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    コンテンポラリーダンサー、デモンストレーターそして通訳の森本沙原さんのご紹介です!Introducing contemporary dancer, demonstrator, and translator, Sahara Morimoto

    2014/11/28 at 15:59PM by Helen

    Sahara Morimoto


    Sahara Morimoto, a graduate of Canada's National Ballet School, will be translating and demonstrating for Peggy Baker's contemporary dance classes at the next seminar. (Sahara is the dancer on the front of the 13th Yokohama Ballet Intensive pamphlet.) In this interview she talks about her work with Peggy.






    以下のインタビュー動画にペギー先生と沙原さんが一緒に映っています。是非ご覧ください!To see Peggy Baker and Sahara Morimoto working together watch this interview video:

    Panamania Profile: Peggy Baker


    沙原さんのブロ グはこちらから

    To get to know Sahara better follow her blog.

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    Looking for Dance Classes for Adults in Tokyo

    2014/09/27 at 11:29AM by Helen

    I am often contacted by foreigners visiting or living in the Tokyo/Yokohama area looking for ballet classes for adults. I am pleased that so many understand the the benefits and enjoyment to be had from dancing!


    I don't teach any adult classes myself but I can suggest you look into the following studios:


    Architanz (near Tamachi station on the JR Yamanote line, Tokyo) is an open studio that offers classes for adults. Many of the teachers are visiting from abroad so often the classes are conducted in English. Here is the English side of their website:



    IAC is a studio in Shibuya that caters only to adult dance students. Basically they operate in Japanese but they have a full schedule of different dance classes and a dedicated following. Here is their website:



    Chacott, Japan's biggest chain of dance supply stores, also runs a number of studios. Here is an English list of their stores and studios. You may have to contact them in Japanese, though, to get information:



    Hope this helps! Happy dancing!

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