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歴史を学べばバレエがわかる。Study dance history to understand ballet.

2010/12/12 at 16:22PM by Helen

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ダンスの歴史を見てみると、スタイルやテクニックが、どのように時代から時代へと変化していき、何故今のスタイルや技術が確立されたのかが分かるのです。未来にはダンスがどのように変化しているのだろうか、と考えてみると、その日へ向けて私達はダンスの歴史を今もなお、作り上げている最中だといえる でしょう。たとえ有名な振付師でも、観客としてスタイルの良し悪しを考えていても、バレエ界に携わっている以上、私達は歴史の一部なのです!

第7回目のYBIでは古典派が主流だった時代を取り上げ、チャイコフスキーが制作した3作品を教えました。そして第8回目のYBIではモダンダンスの始まりについて話しました。そして次回のYBIでは、100年前に実在したバレエ団”バレエ・リュス”について、本やDVDに囲まれながらまとめて いる最中です。
実際にセミナーで歴史のクラスを教えて下さるのは高橋由美子さんです。彼女は英語の先生で、大人になってからバレエを始めました。ゲームやストーリーを交えて、とてもエンターテインメント性の高いクラスを教えてくれます。毎年このセミナーのために力を注いで下さる事に感謝の気持ちでいっぱ いです。


The students who come to Yokohama Ballet Intensive are passionate about ballet. If they weren't they wouldn't be at an intensive seminar like ours. I am concerned, though, that many of them seem to know so little about the history of the technique they are studying and the dances they are performing. Starting in 2007 I now include a dance history class on the seminar schedule.

Dance history tells the story of how dance style and technique changed from era to era and gives us an explanation of why we dance the way we do today. Wondering how dance will change in the future makes us realize that what we do now is shaping history. We are a part of the history of dance whether we are world famous choreographers breaking new ground or audience members deciding which artists' performances to attend!

At the 6th YBI I presented a unit on the Romantic period with a focus on the Pas de Quatre, the 7th YBI history class was about the Classical period, looking closely at Tchaikovsky's 3 ballets, and at the 8th YBI students learnt about the beginnings of modern dance. Right now, in preparation for the 9th YBI, I am immersed in books, videos and music of the Ballet Russe, an amazing company of Russian dancers who many credit with the spread of ballet around the world 100 years ago.

Yumiko Takahashi is the teacher who actually conducts the YBI dance history classes. An English teacher who began taking ballet as an adult, Yumiko crafts the lessons into entertaining games and storytelling that keeps the students engaged. Many thanks to Yumiko for the effort and care she puts into each year's course!!

Yumiko and I know that, in the limited time we have with the students, we can only give them a glimpse of the people and places that made dance history. Our hope is that this will spark their curiosity to learn more.

At the 10th YBI I would like to present a unit on the history of ballet in Japan. This is not so easy for me to research as there is very little information in English. If you or someone you know can help with this I would love to hear from you!

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