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コンテンポラリーダンサー、デモンストレーターそして通訳の森本沙原さんのご紹介です!Introducing contemporary dancer, demonstrator, and translator, Sahara Morimoto

2014/11/28 at 15:59PM by Helen

Sahara Morimoto


Sahara Morimoto, a graduate of Canada's National Ballet School, will be translating and demonstrating for Peggy Baker's contemporary dance classes at the next seminar. (Sahara is the dancer on the front of the 13th Yokohama Ballet Intensive pamphlet.) In this interview she talks about her work with Peggy.






以下のインタビュー動画にペギー先生と沙原さんが一緒に映っています。是非ご覧ください!To see Peggy Baker and Sahara Morimoto working together watch this interview video:

Panamania Profile: Peggy Baker


沙原さんのブロ グはこちらから

To get to know Sahara better follow her blog.

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