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2015/02/12 at 09:48AM by Helen

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When did a pianist first play for ballet class?
400 years ago dance teachers were expected to be able to play the violin and so provide the music for their students themselves.

This painting by Degas of ballet class at the Paris Opera (about 150 years ago) is intriguing. A violinist is playing for class but he is sitting on a piano stool…so there must have been a pianist for class or rehearsals sometimes.

We are a going a through a change now from piano to recorded music. CD players, especially ones that can adjust the speed of the music, have made it easier for teachers to use recorded music and there is wonderful selection of CDs available in the stores.
However, having occasional chances to dance to live music is invaluable for students! The musician and the students communicate with each other in a way that cannot happen with recorded music.

Pianist: Tomoko Inaba (10th Yokohama Ballet Intensive)


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