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フィリス・ホワイトより message from Phyllis

2010/11/16 at 11:04AM by フィリス・ホワイト

ライアーソン大学ダンスプログラム在学中の生徒達を撮影したり、振付師のウィリアム・ヤング氏をゲストに迎えてカナディアン・チルドレンズ・ダンス・シアターのドキュメンタリー制作の監督を務めたり、ペギー・ベイカー・サマー・スクールの映像を編集したりしています。(夏はかなり前に過ぎてしまいましたが、、 、)。そして、甥の結婚式の映像を編集しています。かなり時間がかかるので出来上がるころには赤ちゃんが誕生しているかもしれません!

It was great to see Helen on her visit to Canada this month. We drove to Montreal to meet Louis-Martin enjoying the beautiful fall leaves in shades of yellow, red, and orange on the way. After the meeting Helen and I stayed with my sister on her farm where they make maple syrup...breakfast the next morning was wonderful!

Before Helen's visit I began the work to make a short video titled Screen Dance Is to explain how Screen Dance is different from dance on stage - to show how it keeps the magic of movement but adds the intimacy of film. I am collecting footage with great close-ups, interesting locations, and editing effects.

I am very busy with several other projects,

    *       Working with students from Ryerson University Dance Program, filming their partnering classes;
    *       Directing a documentary video on the Canadian Children's Dance Theatre in their work with guest choreographer William Yong;
    *       Editing the performance of the solos from the Peggy Baker Summer Intensive (I know, summer was a long time ago); and
    *       Making my nephew's wedding video; it is taking me so long they will have a baby before I am done!

I am excited to return to Japan again this year to continue to teach the skills needed for dancing in and choreographing ScreenDances.

I hope to see you then,


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